CultureCandy's mission is to unify, mobilize, monetize, and promote the creative community in Louisiana's capital.

Photo by Vojna Andrea

Culture Candy was created by a team of Baton Rouge creatives to unify and promote community creativity. We believe that art is for personal as well as community gratification which can serve as an economic driver. To some CC is an online calendar that lists all the cultural happenings in and around Baton Rouge. To others we are those people who host a handful of clever art programs. Some see us a connector between artists, venues, organizations and the general community in Baton Rouge. We're an economical promotional tool, we're no-cost creative consultants, a receptor of global zeitgeist and champions of the local joie de vivre. Any way you look at Culture Candy you will always see innovative ways to communicate, engage and enliven culture in Louisiana's capital city.

Culture Candy’s objectives are:

  • To promote, nurture and support inclusive, grassroots, cultural programming.
  • To connect artists, the community and resources in order to enable communication and the sustainability of the arts in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • To engage the whole of our community in creating and supporting cultural programming for long-term cultural investment.

CultureCandy achieves this mission by providing resources and services to the arts community and general public through grants, donations and fundraising. A volunteer board, committees and project directors ensure the long-term success of CultureCandy supporting and improving the arts in Baton Rouge. The Executive Director and Board of Directors undertakes the tasks of general fundraising, community outreach and maintaining CultureCandy’s ability to provide resources and exposure to worthwhile art projects and the public at large. All components contribute to the continual support of arts programming that creates a communicative and financially sound art community.

Email: culturecandybr@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/culturecandy
Twitter: @culturecandy