Baton Rouge Cultural MAPS

Click the thumbnails below to view and download any of the maps. The maps and timelines here were created by Mid City Studio - most of which in collaboration with local organizations, historians, and residents. Take a tour of our city! Enjoy the scenic lakes, award winning parks and delicious soul food. Take advantage of our expertise and ask a local.

mid-city map.jpg


Maps tell stories about places. They are an important part of how we see and navigate the world. Maps help us to preserve and remember our history, but they can also help us to imagine a better future. Each map was created to highlight an issue or asset related to the hosts of each Coffee on the Porch 2017, a Mid-City Studios community social held annually. Special thanks goes to the volunteer research team for making these maps possible: Jennie Garcia, Maggie Conarro, and Alaina Newell.

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